Down East Maine

We started out the morning with a drive to the easternmost point of the United States mainland at West Quoddy Head in Lubec, Maine. We spent awhile there hiking around and enjoying the scenery before heading into Lubec to have lunch. Nothing was open so we ate some fig bars that we had around before heading back west. We had time to hit just one park on the way, Bog Brook Cove Preserve, on our way back.

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Snow in Maryland and West Virginia

The nor’easter yesterday blanketed western Maryland with snow. There wasn’t a huge amount of snow on the ground in the places we visited but it was still quite beautiful!

We were originally planning on driving to Shenandoah National Park in Virginia but Skyline Drive, the road through the park, was closed due to snow. We decided to visit some places in Maryland while waiting to see if any parts of Skyline Drive would open. Ultimately, none did.

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