Meadowlark Botanical Gardens

Yesterday, there was a significant chance of rain all day. Today was looking worse with thunderstorms in the afternoon. But, things started clearing up before noon and the updated forecast was for overcast skies but little chance of rain. So, we decided to head to Meadowlark Botanical Gardens in Virginia! We visited for the first time last week and noticed a likely oriole nest so wanted to check it out again.

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Local Cherry Blossoms & Finches

It has been nearly a week since the local cherry blossoms have started to bloom. The first few trees still look wonderful with very few petals that have fallen to the ground. The weather has been quite a bit cooler since the first day and trees that started a bit later seem to have quite a mix of flowers and buds. Today, we were treated to a wonderful sight – a few male House Finches were busy eating the flowers!

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