First Cherry Blossoms of 2023

While the official National Park Service bloom watch shows the Tidal Basin cherry trees as just entering the puffy white stage today, some of our local cherry blossoms are already blooming! We found a few examples by a local road and other ones that are likely going to start opening very soon. Also in the region, we’re waiting for the cherry trees at Meadowlark Botanical Gardens to bloom, that is expected to happen at the end of the month.

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Local Cherry Blossoms & Finches

It has been nearly a week since the local cherry blossoms have started to bloom. The first few trees still look wonderful with very few petals that have fallen to the ground. The weather has been quite a bit cooler since the first day and trees that started a bit later seem to have quite a mix of flowers and buds. Today, we were treated to a wonderful sight – a few male House Finches were busy eating the flowers!

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DC Cherry Blossoms, Again

We headed down again to Washington DC today and once again viewed the cherry blossoms. While the weather was a bit cool, it was quite pleasant though unfortunately the sky was overcast. Overall, quite a few of the cherry blossoms have fallen from the trees already, perhaps because of the cool and rainy weather yesterday. Some of the trees that were a bit late in blooming have progressed, but there are still quite a few unopened buds on many of the trees. We think maybe the cooler weather is slowing things down a bit.

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