A Winter Day at the Meadowlark Botanical Gardens

We headed to the Meadowlark Botanical Gardens after lunch today. It was snowing a bit when we arrived, though it was too warm for any of it to stick. At the gardens, we saw some flowers that had been planted. A few trees were beginning to bloom, perhaps a bit earlier this year due to recent warm weather across the region. As for birds, we didn’t see too many, mostly a few Canada Geese near the entrance and quite a few American Crows flying around.

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The Tower of London and the Thames

We headed out this morning to visit the Tower of London right when it opened at 10am. We spent about three hours there before having a quick lunch and visiting the adjacent All Hallows by the Tower church. We then crossed the Thames via the Tower Bridge and walked west by the river. We eventually crossed the Thames again via the Millennium Bridge. We missed the ferry by just a minute or two and ended our day by taking the Underground.

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City of Westminster

After a very early arrival in London, we dropped off our bags at our hotel and headed over to Westminster. We walked across the Thames and by Big Ben and headed into St. James Park. We walked past the lake, taking some time to look at all the British birds. We arrived at Buckingham Palace in time to get a good spot to view the changing the guard ceremony. Afterwards, we headed directly to Wellington Arch where we caught the Underground to Piccadilly Circus where we had lunch. We then continued onward through Leicester and Trafalgar Squares, soon reaching the Thames once again. We crossed via the Jubilee Bridge, continuing along the Thames back to where we started our day!

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Jurong Bird Park

We headed out to Jurong Bird Park in time to catch the first free shuttle from the Jurong East MRT station. We ended up spending the morning there, catching the hawk show and seeing most of the enclosures and aviaries. Jurong Bird Park is only going to exist for a few days more as everything is moving to become the Bird Paradise and will be adjacent to the rest of the Mandai Wildlife Reserve parks.

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