Night Safari

We visited the Mandai Wildlife Reserve’s Night Safari in the evening. It is essentially a dedicated nighttime zoo. Timed entry is used to control crowds, we arrived at 8:15pm. It was obviously pretty dark. There was just enough lighting to be able to see the animals, though not always very clearly. Definitely an interesting and very unique experience! Particularly with the larger animals as generally you’ll never get to see them when its dark outside in a zoo setting.

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Jurong Bird Park

We headed out to Jurong Bird Park in time to catch the first free shuttle from the Jurong East MRT station. We ended up spending the morning there, catching the hawk show and seeing most of the enclosures and aviaries. Jurong Bird Park is only going to exist for a few days more as everything is moving to become the Bird Paradise and will be adjacent to the rest of the Mandai Wildlife Reserve parks.

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