Red Rock Canyon

About a year ago I was in Las Vegas and visited Red Rock Canyon for the second time.  As usual, I took lots of pictures.  I also took some panoramas.  The thing about panoramas is you need to stitch together individual images to make a bigger image.  I had previously only used Canon’s PhotoStitch software which, while easy to use, is pretty crappy.  I finally decided to try and find something better and came across Hugin.  It turned out to be pretty easy to use, just select control points on each pair of images.  It even will auto-detect the point on the 2nd image – you just have to click in the vicinity of the point.  There are a bunch of additional options to set, but I kind of just made some guess and hit go!  Anyway, here it is!

Red Rock Canyon

The actual image is substantially larger, but my WordPress installation was having trouble with it due to it’s size…

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