I flew on Southwest Airlines for the first time this weekend.  I was overall pretty satisfied with the 2 flights I took.  They both departed on time, and the boarding operation was pretty efficient and much more organized than boarding one of the legacy carriers.  Also, even though Southwest is supposed to be a low cost carrier, there were no charges for checking in luggage and no cost for making changes to my flight, of which I made two.

On my flight out of BWI, to start the snack service, shorty after takeoff the flight attendants distributed the free peanuts.  By sliding them on the floor so that gravity would cause them to move down the aisle 🙂

After these flights, I’ll probably fly Southwest again in the future if I’m going somewhere they go.  The only real discriminating factors between the major carriers now in the US is price and schedule.  Level of service is not really relevant for domestic coach class flight given that it’s all really about the same.  Though, on United, I can’t even get peanuts anymore, all they have is crappy mini-pretzels…

One thing I like to do at the airport is to look for interesting aircraft.  On my flight out of BWI I spotted the 2000th 737 NG produced by Boeing.

2000th 737 NG

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