Photos from Red Rock Canyon, Zion…

Zion National Park

Zion National Park

I finally finished putting up photos from my trip 2 weeks ago.  Most of them turned out better than I expected – everything looks worse than it really is on a laptop.  Some of my pictures from Zion didn’t come out too good though, mostly due to being taken in bright sunlight.  Since Zion NP is basically at the bottom of a canyon, there’s alot of shadows.  Also in harsh sunlight, it’s hard to see the LCD screen of my camera so it’s hard to tell exactly how the photo looks.  One nice thing about the Canon S3 that I had a few years ago is that it has a electronic viewfinder that you can use to view your photos.  This is nice since sunlight can’t get into the viewfinder.

This time around, I didn’t try too hard to name my photos or give each a description.  Usually the names I choose aren’t too creative anyway 🙂

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