Old Trees & Other Stuff

After waking up this morning, I was glad that my legs were no longer sore from yesterday.  I decided to check out the Ancient Bristlecone Pine Forest, which is on the way south on US-395.

The forest is about 20 miles or so east of Big Pine, CA in the White Mountains.  It’s a pretty steady climb up from 6,000ft to roughly 10,000ft.  The main area of the park which contains the visitor’s center is Schulman Grove.  I took the Discovery Trail, which is a short loop up the side of a mountain.  The trees are very different looking, very unique.  It’s amazing that they can grow in such a desolate landscape on the rocky side of a mountain.

After walking among the trees, I headed back towards US-395.  On the way I stopped at Sierra View, a scenic stop on the road out of the park.  It gave great views of the surrounding mountains, including parts of the town of Bishop in the distance.  Also you can see the northwestern edge of Death Valley.

After driving a bit further south along US-395, I stopped at Manzanar National Historic Site.  This area was an internment camp for 10,000 West Coast Japanese during WWII.  The only building left from that era now houses the interpretive center, which details the history of the site as well as what many Japanese Americans had to go through during the war.  It’s very interesting and well done.  There is also an auto tour that goes through the former camp grounds.  There is pretty much nothing left other than some concrete and small rocks that were probably used for gardens.

I then headed south back towards Ridgecrest.  On the way there was a big auto accident, they had called out ambulances from many miles away (the ambulances passed me about 30-45 minutes north).  After reaching Ridgecrest, it was apparent that it had rained alot in the area.  There was alot of flooding in town, and the presence of dirt (sand) on the road indicated that there was more flooding earlier in the day.  I did have to drive through some water but luckily did not have to detour.

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