Really Hot

I must say, the weather on this trip to the desert is much much hotter than any of my previous trips.  Looking at the 10 day forecast, every day will be over 100F.  Today after dinner, at 9:30pm local time, it was 97F outside.  Walking outside is like sticking your face in front of an open oven.  I am thinking of maybe cooking a meal by placing it in my car under direct sunlight.  At least it’s dry out, though the forecast is saying 30% chance of thunderstorms this weekend.

Although I must say I am surprised that it’s not hotter in the portapotties they setup where we’re working.  It’s hot inside but not unbearably hot.  Maybe because when you’re inside, there’s not really much direct sunlight on you?  Also they’re the cleanest portapotties I’ve ever seen, and so far they smell OK.  Though if you’re downwind, you do get that weird scented “clean” smell.

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