More Zoo Madness

Today after waking up, I went to the San Diego Wild Animal Park, which is something like 40 miles north of downtown SD.  I arrived at around 11ish and ate a tri-tip sandwich.  It was OK – overpriced like the SD Zoo, which makes sense since they’re both operated by the same organization.  All the food items were exactly the same.

The Journey Into Africa bus tour was cool – it drives around an open area of the park and gives you a closer look at the animals there.  They have different levels of tour – the one I took was the most basic.  There’s a more expensive one that is done in a smaller vehicle and spends more time outside, and a safari one that goes off road and gets you right up to the animals.  We saw giraffes, rhinos, a bunch of antelope type anmials, etc, some of which were quite rare.

In one of the aviaries, there was a pair of red parrots, one of which was quite vocal though it didn’t say human words.

There was also the requisite pond with ducks and flamingos, as well as other bigger water birds.  I probably like the ducks the most of all the swimming birds.

There were two large areas for elephants – asian and african varieties.  Got to see some baby elephants, which were quite big…

There was an area called Condor Ridge where they had a smallish pen with at least one condor in it – it’s a really huge bird…

They also had bighorn sheep, which I don’t think I’ve ever seen before.

The gorillas were kind of creepy.  They kind of look really like people, except they’re furry and walk using both their hands and feet…

There was a tiger area, but the only one I saw was resting under a tree.

The best part was the lions since they had a bunch of cubs.  There was an outside area that you could see from the other side of a trench, and an inside area where you were on the other side of a pane of glass.  The lion cubs were resting there right up against the window.  They’re quite cute, they behave just like big kittens…  Big kittens with huge paws!

And that was my day…  Dinner consisted of breakfast at a Denny’s, along with a chicken noodle soup.  And I got a 1TB My Book to store my photos 🙂

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