San Diego Zoo

First, an aside.  Having 28GB of memory cards on you is kind of nice.  Having a 12MP camera is nice too.  Having an SLR that lets you shoot many photos quickly is nice as well.  It’s all nice until you realize your laptop’s hard drive is full.  Because in today’s age of digital photos, it’s too easy to take alot of photos.  And I don’t have time right now to sort through and get rid of the bad ones :/

So, back to the topic at hand.  Today I went to the San Diego Zoo.  And pretty much saw the whole thing.  I think I was there for like 8 hours.  The first thing I did there was get breakfast – which was a bacon cheeseburger since they didn’t actually have breakfast.  After that, I started touring the zoo…  I’ll just talk about a few of the notable things I saw…

The pandas were cool.  I saw all 3 that they have there, including the baby.  One of the adult pandas was sleeping, the other was eating, and the baby was sleeping in a tree.  Which is from what they say pretty much all they do 🙂

There was a black jaguar which was really cool.  What a pretty kitty cat…

The elephants were cool – I was there just as they were being fed.  One of the animal handlers was feeding one by hand from a bucket while answering questions.  Then, he let them into the main area where food was in various things that the elephants could interact with to get the food out – hard to describe but kind of neat.

The giraffes were all drinking water at the time when I saw them.  It was fairly warm out in the sun.

The polar bears were cool (heh).  At first they were sleeping in the sun but then they got more active and walked around and went into the water.  One ate carrots…

They had giant tortoises from the Galapagos.  They were mostly sleeping in the sun.  One did try and move, I think he moved like 3 steps (very slowly) and then sat down again…

The Koalas were all sleeping in trees.

In fact, most of the animals I saw were sleeping.  Probably because it’s really hot out in the sun…

They had alot of ducks, including one kind that I guess would dive to get fish or something.  I didn’t see them dive but they did splash around.  There was also a dead baby duckling that they had to get out of the water, I guess it probably had just hatched and didn’t survive – it was really tiny.  There were older ducklings though that were really cute.

They had alot of monkies.  But monkies being monkies, they were all in enclosures that were fully enclosed so they couldn’t get out, so it was kind of like looking through a chain link fence to see them.

I finally got to see bears.

And before leaving, I saw a show at the Wegeforth Bowl.  They had a owl that flew right over the audience’s heads, a pair of parrots that flew around in formation (I have a bunch of out of focus photos of them), a sea lion, and an arctic wolf.

Anyway, other than that, I think I had a soda and 2 frozen Minute Maid lemonade things, each was like $5 or so.  Concessions are expensive…  And I think I spent $30 at the gift shop which wasn’t too bad.

After getting back to my hotel, I decided to have dinner at Anthony’s again.  This time I had the New England Clam Chowder and the stuffed salmon.  It was pretty good, though I think I would have just liked the salmon I got yesterday, wiithout the other fish…

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