Happy 4th!

Today, I made the long drive from Kings/Sequoia National Park down to San Diego.  It took about 5 hours, with a stop for breakfast at Burger King (where there was a homeless guy shaving in the bathroom – should have went to the McDonalds that wasn’t deserted) and 2 stops for gas (the first place was mad expensive).

After making it in to San Diego, I checked in at my hotel – the Holiday Inn On The Bay.  I got a harbor view room on the 12th floor of the south tower.  After putting my stuff into the room, I went to eat at Anthony’s Fish Grotto.  It was pretty good – first off the bread was excellent, the “butter” was some fancy dried tomato thing that was out of this world.  Next came the calamari appetizer which was good as well.  Finally, the main dish arrived, the Shore Combo, which was 3 types of fish as well as salad and citrus rice pilaf for sides.  The salmon, of course, was the best of the 3 fish – I should have just ordered a salmon dish 🙂

After eating, I checked out the Maritime Museum which is basically right next door.  It’s hard to really describe without being there – but I thought it was definately worth it.  First, I went on the Star of India which is a sailing ship from the late 1800s.  Next, I went aboard the Rose, which is the ship that was used as HMS Surprise in the Master and Commander movie.  After that, I went on the B-39, an ex-Soviet Foxtrot class submarine.  It was quite amazing to be on it, and it was extremely cramped.  Finally, I ended my visit on the steam ferry Berkeley.

By now, it was getting dark so I started making my way back to my hotel room.  People were starting to get spots by the water to watch the fireworks.  I’ll make a quick aside in saying that it’s good that I have 28GB of memory cards on me.  Anyway, after getting back to my room, I took some photos of the sunset, and setup my G9 to take videos.  At 9pm, the fireworks started.  I’m downloading the photos right now – I shot alot, and also got a long video of it as well (I put the camera on a table on the balcony).  The fireworks display was pretty good – there were 3 barges in the bay that I could see that put on the show, each one making an identical display so you could see it from different points in the city, which is pretty slick!

After the fireworks ended, the smoke from the fireworks blew back towards the east which made this big smoky cloud that smelled of pyrotechnics.  Also the street outside has been jammed with cars for the past 45 minutes…  This hotel room is great!

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