King’s Canyon – Grizzly Falls

This photo was tough because I wanted to try to blur the water, but I don’t have a tripod or anything to steady the camera.  Also, it was extremely bright out.  This was shot at F22 with  a 1/5th second exposure time at ISO100.  I basically tried to get the longest possible exposure time given the conditions.  The water was moving fast enough that the amount of blur made me happy.  The tough part was trying to get it to look good.

The image on the left is the original one that I had processed using Canon’s software 2 years ago.  I did some HDR processing on the image to the right to try and see if I could improve it a little.  It looked unnatural at first but I think that is mostly due to the colors on my desktop being quite off.

San Luis Reservoir

San Luis Reservoir

I didn’t think Hugin would be able to handle stitching this scene together…  It’s 3 images with the rightmost one basically shot directly into the sun.  It came together pretty good though, the sky looks like one uniform gradient.  I took these 3 photos on my way from San Francisco to King’s Canyon National Park in June, 2008.  I thought “lake” looked nice so I took some photos.  Given where I was and the time of day there wasn’t really any way to avoid shooting into the sun.

Yosemite @ Glacier Point

Half Dome from Glacier Point

Half Dome from Glacier Point (Bad)

This picture was stitched together from just 3 images taken from Glacier Point in Yosemite.  I discovered the “Drag” option in Hugin.  It lets you grab a point on the image and kind of move it around.  It’s pretty weird.  Even better, the “Straighten” option automatically adjusts the images so that the horizon is level.  The top image was adjusted with the “Straighten” option, the bottom image wasn’t and has a tilted horizon on the left.  Pretty neat!

(I don’t know who the guy is – he’s just some random dude that happened to be sitting there)

Yosemite – Hetch Hetchy

Hetch Hetchy

This one spans 4 individual images.  Would be nicer if I had the top of the mountains…

Hetch Hetchy 2

Edit: Ah, here’s another one taken from a different vantage point.  This is 3 images stitched together.



Another stitched image, this one from Yosemite.  The right side seems to me like it’s a tad lower than it should be, but it’s hard to say.

Yosemite (Adjusted)

Edit: Adjusted the image a bit, looks a tad better on the right I think.  The difference is pretty minor…

Red Rock Canyon

About a year ago I was in Las Vegas and visited Red Rock Canyon for the second time.  As usual, I took lots of pictures.  I also took some panoramas.  The thing about panoramas is you need to stitch together individual images to make a bigger image.  I had previously only used Canon’s PhotoStitch software which, while easy to use, is pretty crappy.  I finally decided to try and find something better and came across Hugin.  It turned out to be pretty easy to use, just select control points on each pair of images.  It even will auto-detect the point on the 2nd image – you just have to click in the vicinity of the point.  There are a bunch of additional options to set, but I kind of just made some guess and hit go!  Anyway, here it is!

Red Rock Canyon

The actual image is substantially larger, but my WordPress installation was having trouble with it due to it’s size…


I flew on Southwest Airlines for the first time this weekend.  I was overall pretty satisfied with the 2 flights I took.  They both departed on time, and the boarding operation was pretty efficient and much more organized than boarding one of the legacy carriers.  Also, even though Southwest is supposed to be a low cost carrier, there were no charges for checking in luggage and no cost for making changes to my flight, of which I made two.

On my flight out of BWI, to start the snack service, shorty after takeoff the flight attendants distributed the free peanuts.  By sliding them on the floor so that gravity would cause them to move down the aisle 🙂

After these flights, I’ll probably fly Southwest again in the future if I’m going somewhere they go.  The only real discriminating factors between the major carriers now in the US is price and schedule.  Level of service is not really relevant for domestic coach class flight given that it’s all really about the same.  Though, on United, I can’t even get peanuts anymore, all they have is crappy mini-pretzels…

One thing I like to do at the airport is to look for interesting aircraft.  On my flight out of BWI I spotted the 2000th 737 NG produced by Boeing.

2000th 737 NG

Photos from Last Summer in CA

Photos from California

Photos from California

I actually finished putting these up a few months ago.  I never did go through them all again and make sure I gave everything a title and described what I wanted describe, but it’s done enough I guess.

Photos from Red Rock Canyon, Zion…

Zion National Park

Zion National Park

I finally finished putting up photos from my trip 2 weeks ago.  Most of them turned out better than I expected – everything looks worse than it really is on a laptop.  Some of my pictures from Zion didn’t come out too good though, mostly due to being taken in bright sunlight.  Since Zion NP is basically at the bottom of a canyon, there’s alot of shadows.  Also in harsh sunlight, it’s hard to see the LCD screen of my camera so it’s hard to tell exactly how the photo looks.  One nice thing about the Canon S3 that I had a few years ago is that it has a electronic viewfinder that you can use to view your photos.  This is nice since sunlight can’t get into the viewfinder.

This time around, I didn’t try too hard to name my photos or give each a description.  Usually the names I choose aren’t too creative anyway 🙂

At the Airport…

Waiting for my flight…  McCarran International Airport now has free WiFi, yay!